Haley Clark

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Haley Clark

Haley Clark is a sought-after Swimming Instructor and Founder of Water Sprites, in Chico, California.  After achieving a life long dream of medalling at the 2004 Olympics in Athens for swimming, she focused her goggles on her next goal – creating a family of her own. Following the birth of her first child, she began searching for a way to fuse her skills in swimming with her passion for educating and empowering others.  Within two years after competing in Athens, Haley opened her own swim school - Water Sprites.

Now, as a mother of four beautiful children, Haley knows the importance of water safety.  She believes that learning how to swim is not only a great way to stay safe, active and healthy but it can also kick start in children an ambition to be the best they can be. While her mission is to teach children to swim as quickly and efficiently as possible, she also hopes that they leave her class with skills that will last a lifetime. Manners, respect, friendship, teamwork, patience, persistence, listening skills, confidence, independence, dedication and of course fitness are all practiced at each lesson. 

Haley has more than two decades of industry experience as a swimmer, instructor and business owner.  Her swimming accolades include an athletic scholarship to UC Berkeley, Pac 10 Swimmer of the Year, four National Championship titles, four World Championship titles, one world record, one Olympic silver medal, twenty three NCAA All-American titles, and numerous American records.

As a self-confessed goal-orientated person, Haley has continued to grow her business over the years to accommodate a rising demand for quality water education, making Water Sprites a leading swim school in California.  She believes in continuing education at any age and because of this, her program is constantly evolving to keep abreast the latest research and innovations.  This year, she enrolled at The Acton School of Business in order to earn her MBA and gain even more insight on how to better serve her staff and clients.

When she is not helping others gain essential safety, swimming and life survival skills, Haley is probably keeping active with her four beautiful children doing school work, soccer, swim team, judo, basketball, baseball, chores, and other mommy duties. Her real guilty pleasure though is sitting on her front porch watching the sunset over the Sycamore trees in Bidwell Park, which keeps her ‘afloat’.